About us

Chris Tian graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and is a Licensed Lawyer and Accountant.

He has worked as an accountant and legal counsel for a Chinese state owned company, a Chinese listed company, a Hongkong listed company and a Swedish company in Hubei, Guangdong and Shanghai.

In March 2014, Chris Tian founded iChinabiz to help international entrepreneurs and companies enter China smoothly. The services the company offers focus on company startup, trademark registration, investment study, and other legal assistance.

Mr Tian now is Chinese licensed lawyer of Shanghai ChuanHui law firm, his practice areas are company law, foreign investment, tax law, trademark law. Mr. Tian is also the senior legal counsel of iChinabiz.

Chris TIAN

Attorney at Law, Accountant, legal adviser of iChinabiz