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Why you should register your trademark in China as soon as possible!

Differ from the  principle of US trademark law to confirm the Trademark right  based on use first, Chinese trademark law  principle is application first. That means even you have used the brand for hundred years, but you are behind other company to submit trademark application in China, then you will be rejected for trademark application, except your trademark is ruled by court or Trademark office as Chinese famous trademark, even so it takes at least two years to complete the process.

Chinese GDP now is the second biggest in the world, and will be number one in next 20 years. Would you like to enter in China market with your own brand without trademark problem?  If your brand was registered by another company, how could you do the business in China with your own brand? probably you are forced to buy it at millions dollars to get it back from another company, or take legal action at two years process to try to get it back?

To avoid that problem, you should register your trademark as soon as possible in China.

According to the revised Trademark Law of August 30, 2013, the trademark registration process in China in general as follows:

1. Post application or online application, foreigner or foreign company should be through a qualified trademark agency or a law firm. Only online application you are able to download the trademark registration application with a QR code application number.

2. Around 5 months Chinese Trademark Office will issue a notice of trademark application acceptance.

3. Within 9 month after trademark application submission, Chinese Trademark Office will pass the preliminary examination if the application is no problem, and will publish preliminary examination announcement.

4. Within 3 months after the issuance of the preliminary examination announcement, if there is no objection, the trademark shall be registered, Chinese Trademark Office shall issue the trademark registration certificate.

The Chinese trademark application fee for foreigner and foreign company is USD450 whichin cludes:

1.      Government fee 100 USD

2.      Help to develop Chinese company name or Chinese name.

3.      Translate business license or passport information

4.      Trademark search

5.      One class within 10 items, each extra item will cost USD 12 more

The Chinese trademark application fee for WOFE, JV or Chinese company is CNY2000 which includes:

1.      Government fee CNY 600

2.      Trademark search

3.      One class within 10 items, each extra item will cost CNY 60 more

Download Chinese Trademark Application Form now, and send it to

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